3Angle-Fluoro Installation

Anthokosmos and her greek friends are proud to present “3angle-Fluoro installation”
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Features Triangular Fluorescent Plexiglas Sheets / A. Kosma, D. Kourkouli, F. Fotopoulou

3angle-Fluoro installation consists of triangular fluorescent Plexiglas sheets.

The semi-transparent, triangular folding sheets, which look like fragments scattered around the space, establish a play between light and shadow, between motion and stillness, and also between rigidity and fragility. The UV light, passing through and reflecting on the sheets, distorts the shapes of the prisms and the visitors’ figures, as they wander among them.

There is not only one image to be seen. The visitors move inside the installation and discover, every step of the way, and every time they look, a new perspective. The various ephemeral perceptions created, seem to reflect, among other things, the ever-changing, versatile reality.Read More »