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I am sure most of you have seen these drawings of  CAD (Autocad) called blocks that represent “happy” people and a certain way of living.people_61743

Some months ago HipoTesis made a call against this kind of graphic stereotypes. Enjoy it: Bloque03HipoTesis, Experimental Digital Magazine, in its last issue explores the architectural project from an insider’s critical point of view. Its Call for Cad-Blocks incites the critical gaze upon commonly used stereotypes reproduced in architectural drawings. In addition, as a result of this “Call for Blocks”, a digital archive of non-stereotypical blocks is being created and shared out to the architectural community. The project is being presented as a 36 pages booklet entitled Blocks Factory that includes 15 CAD drawings with their corresponding comments (CAD drawings + texts) according to HipoTesis editorial project. Read More